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Be a student or own this site. You don’t need to worry about managing this website, we will handle it for you while you are focused on what you do best..

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Why do we offer this e-Learning?

Whether you want to learn or you want to teach, this site is perfectly the one for you. This website is armored with full blown features from a basic website yet intensive or an online shop that is easy to use.

And If you are planning to set up your own eLearning website, you come to the right place. Read more below


Website Basic Intensive

If you are a blogger or a standard website user who just want to have the basic website features, we will build for YOU. The (1)STANDARD WEBSITE is basic and yet so intense as we will build you the best features of a normal website could ever have.

Website eCommerce Intensive

It’s time to sell your product. We will build you a ready made (2) eCOMMERCE SHOP where you can sell your products or services. With the click of a button, straight away you will receive payments with the built-in payment features. The payment features are very flexible that let your customer choose to pay either online banking transfer, offline payment or credit card via PayPal.

eLearning Intensive Website

Time to show what you know give value to others by teaching. We offer a full blown (3) eLEARNING that comes with an Online shop to buy your courses, (4)MEMBERSHIP for your loyal students who continuously buying your online courses.

You can also give your valued customer a chance to earn while they refer more students by an (5) AFFILIATE PROGRAMwhere you can both earn.

elearning inside

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